MonitorONE G2 - Performance, bandwidth and network monitor software from FineConnection

We have used our extensive knowledge and experience in managing network infrastructures to develop the most effective monitoring product with a strong focus on network visibility, ease of use and performance.

MonitorONE G2, the smartest tool for network administrators, provides insight into the behavior and peculiarities of your network infrastructure. In all aspects.

That’s a promise!

Get to know your network. Nothing escapes your attention!

The MonitorONE G2 software suite is developed to provide a strong defense against downtime or performance degradation of your critical network infrastructure.

Our flagship application is Quantellium. It’s the web based windows service application that monitors all your network connected equipment, like switches, routers and servers, 24/7.

Besides the monitoring daemon, the suite also contains 5 desktop based applications to help you with trouble shooting and support. All tightly integrated.

Very competative and affordable

MonitorONE G2 provides functionalities competing applications do not have.

A number of generic SNMP collectors are included as standard, and you can also create your own specific ones through a graphical point-and-click application. No programming experience required, some basic SNMP knowledge is recommended.

Switch ports are also automatically scanned for the most common errors, i.e. collisions on full-duplex connections, FCS or Alignment errors, auto-sensing problems etc.

MonitorONE G2’s price proves that a quality product does not necessarily have to be expensive. MonitorONE G2 is available in 3 variants for small to large network infrastructures. All are available at a very affordable price.

Switch port utilization, network topology diagrams, interface load graphs, Network status- and health monitor

Feature list

All available out of the box. No extra modules, downloads or fees!