Do you know how your network performs?Do you know where the bottlenecks are?Do you see a problem coming before it actually occurs?Really?



SNMP based management and monitoring software

Do you know that your mail server is down?

A smart, intuitive and easy to use network monitor

MonitorONE G2 provides insight into the behavior and peculiarities of your network. It monitors your network-connected devices 24/7 for uptime and utilization, receives (and forwards) Trap- and Syslog events and sends alerts when problems are detected.

Your network topology clearly displayed

MonitorONE G2 provides a map-oriented, clear and informative view of your network topology. Problems, notifications, utilization and performance are all visible on the maps. Each device has its own right-click menu for management via SSH, RDP or Telnet.

Supports SNMPv3 and imports MIB files

Discover whatever is provided by the SNMP agent of a device by using the default pre-built SNMP data collectors OR create your own ones with the user-friendly CCBuilder application. To support this, CCBuilder includes a MIB browser and Compiler.

Switch port utilization, network topology diagrams, interface load graphs, Network status- and health monitor

Affordably priced

Starting from €680 / ~$780
Network Growing? Upgrades available!

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SNMP Manager

  • Supports SNMPv1, v2 and v3

    SNMPv3 authentication via MD5 or SHA, encryption via DES, AES or 3DES.

  • CUC support

    Connection Utilization Coding. Color and width of a connection line indicate the current utilization.

  • Out of the box device interface error-monitoring

    Device interfaces are automatically monitored for errors like: Alignment, FCS, Symbol, Carrier sense , Excessive or Late collision errors.

  • Threshold monitoring

    Use the Quantellium supplied default threshold monitors per device type or build your own ones with CCBuilder.

  • Import or compile MIB files

    The suite includes CCBuilder, the GUI-based desktop app for compiling and browsing SNMP MIB files and building SNMP data collectors (sensors).

Smart services

  • Built-in Trap server

    With smart filtering and forwarding capability. Protected against overload!

  • Error control

    Provides an algorithm that tries to find the root cause of a “device down” event.

  • Static or Dynamic alert decision making

    Advanced built-in solutions to keep the number of notifications as low as possible.

  • Acoustic and e-mail alerts

Network topology view

  • Automatic network discovery

    IP subnets are periodically scanned for new or modified devices by using customizable scan-profiles

  • Automatic device mapping

    Devices are automatically mapped to classes based on their role in the network

  • Device-to-device connection discovery

    Based on LLDP suport by switches, routers and/or servers

  • Customizable dashboard pages

    Keep an eye on certain trouble spots in your infrastructure. View important statistics as graphs and tables on one page.

  • Top-statistics

    The Top-X devices by Rank, Memory utilization, CPU utilization and Troubles on a single page.

Need a new functionality?

Function suggestions from customers like you are important to us. We are constantly developing new features to make the MonitorONE G2 experience even better! Please tell us which functionality you would like to see in a future version.

We appreciate your feedback!

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