Offline mode

Previous versions always required an online connection to the Internet to access the FineConnection repositories. Because MonitorONE G2 is also often used in environments where an online internet connection is not present (or not desired), it has been decided to include an offline mode.

This is done by including a smaller version of the repository in the setup file and installing it locally. Of course, a number of functionalities are limited, but still sufficient. We expect to bring more functionality to the offline version in the future.

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Menu-less operation

MonitorONE G2 is also used in environments where network infrastructure maps are displayed on special large display walls. Think of NOC environments. On special request, an option has been built into Quantellium to hide the menu structure on the left side of the screen in a simple way, so that more space is available for displaying the maps. To switch between modes, use the zoom icon in the top-right corner (yellow ellipse).

Class images / icons

Quantellium offers a number of standard class icons. These can be used to define new classes yourself. Of course, your own icon can also be used. This can be useful for suppliers of network equipment who want to place their own product logo in an icon.

In older versions, Quantellium required 2 icons of different sizes (16×16 and 48×48 pixels). From now on only a format of 48×48 pixels is sufficient.

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