Bugfix for graph series order

This new MonitorONE G2 version contains a solution to a major problem in the functionality of history graphs.

It was found that the order of the graph series sometimes changed under certain circumstances, which led to the loss of historical graph data. The order is now determined by a special algorithm that determines the series order based on a series name.

However, this means that after the installation of this new version existing historical graphs are reset and the already saved graph data is lost! Unfortunately, there is no possibility to prevent this.

A mitigating circumstance may be that the overall functionality of the history graphs becomes much more stable with this solution.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Revised GUI colors

Color revision of the web interface for a new, modern and fresh look!

Blocked event notifications

The map above shows a number of device objects under which a notification icon “F” (Filtered) is visible. This means that events have been received for these objects that are blocked based on configured global- or device-specific filters. Blocked events do not become visible as pending events, but are only counted.

For an overview of device-specific event filters right-click a device and select Dashboard.

For an overview of global event filters, select Event filters from the main menu.