Release notes 2018.07

New features

  • Device Event and Status information propagation from a child map to the parent map.
  • Configuration options to switch Port and application monitor functions on/off.

The C-building Maplink icon at the top of the screenshot shows the events that are currently open to devices on one or more of its child maps.


  • An alternative way to show device-to-device connections more clearly when devices are automatically placed on a map. Devices are placed less orderly, which improves connection visibility.

Bug fixes

  • Save map menu-item removed from a device’s right-click menu on a map. This menu item did not always work correctly in all major browsers and did not have much added value.
  • A bug was found in the filtering of Anomaly events. The option to block anomaly events for all devices has been removed.

The Interface and Application monitoring control switches can be found by selecting Administration | Various system settings from the main menu.