Paul van Bergen

Paul van Bergen

Owner and Founder

Founder and main developer at FineConnection. Enjoys details, technology, coffee, likes to read thrillers and loves to ride on his mountain bike.

Quality should be the rule, not the exception…!


FineConnection is an IT company based in the Netherlands and founded in 2001 by Paul van Bergen. It focuses on the development and marketing of affordable and smart SNMP-based network monitoring and management software.

Monitor one – classic

It all started in 2001 with the first release of “Monitor one”, desktop-oriented network monitoring software inspired by NMC 4000 from Network Managers Inc. Shortly after the first release, the software received some attention in the “network world”, not so much because of the flexible solution for collecting and displaying SNMP-related data, but because of the way network infrastructures (switches, routers, servers, etc.) were displayed in topology diagrams (maps). At that time it was still normal to work with simple lists. Monitor one was different from other products, it was something new and apparently it followed the right path! With every new release, functionality was extended, refined and streamlined and stability improved.

In the years that followed, Monitor one grew through requests, suggestions and (sometimes) complaints from users, but after a while it became clear that times were changing! Applications in general were migrating from desktop-oriented to web oriented and there was a stronger focus to user-friendliness and elegance.

Monitor one – the second generation

It finally became clear that it was impossible to turn the “classic” Monitor into a modern web app. That is why in 2009 it was decided to build a completely new product, with as much knowledge, experience and insights as possible from the classic Monitor One, in order to obtain the best possible monitor application package with the latest technology and design.

The name of the new suite: MonitorONE G2