is an IT company based in the Netherlands that was founded in 2001 by Paul van Bergen. FineConnection focuses on the development and marketing of affordable and smart SNMP based network monitoring and management software.

It all started in 2001 with the first release of “Monitor one” (M1), desktop oriented network monitoring software inspired on NMC 4000 from Network Managers Inc. Soon after the initial release, the software grabbed some attention in the “networking world”, not because of its flexible solution regarding collecting and displaying SNMP related data, but because of how nodes (switches, routers, servers etc) were shown on topology diagrams (maps) instead of simple lists. M1 was different from other products, it was something new and apparently following the right track!

functionality was extended, fine-tuned and streamlined

In the years that followed, functionality was extended, fine-tuned and streamlined with help of users that sent requests, suggestions and (sometimes) complaints.

M1 did a good job for years, but after a while it became clear that times were changing! Applications were migrating from GUI based to Web based and there was a stronger focus on usability and elegance.

After several attempts, it seemed impossible, to transform M1 into a modern, web-based application. That’s why I decided in 2009 to build new applications from the ground up that incorporated all the good things of M1, supplemented with a modern design and a strong focus on “a smart approach”. The name of the new product: the FCMS suite.


Paul, July 2015