What is Device Rank?

Device Ranking (DR), is the name of the Quantellium functionality that is used to measure the importance of devices. The ranking process takes place once per hour.

How can I see the rank of a device?

The rank of a device is shown on a device’s dashboard page. Right-click a device on the map and select Dashboard.

Device rank

How is the rank of a device determined?

The rank of a device depends on their role, behavior, utilization and importance in the network! The following device characteristics or properties are taken into account:

  • Is it reachable through its host name? Does an active DNS entry exist for its host name?
  • Is SNMP enabled and correctly configured?
  • How many IP addresses are configured on it?
  • Does it switch or route traffic based on MAC address?
  • Does it switch or route traffic based on IP address?
  • Does it have Power Supply capabilities?
  • Does it act as IP router for its environment?
  • What is its CPU utilization compared to other devices?
  • How many users are currently logged in on it?

What is Device Rank used for?

In large networks with many devices, quite a lot of events can occur (device up / down, threshold exceeded, staircase received …).

Device-rank is an advanced algorithm for taking alarming decisions so that only alarms are sent for those events that are really important. This prevents network administrators from being overloaded with notifications.