Enter your license key (aka serial key)

Follow these steps:

  1. Stop the Quantellium service (if running).
  2. Use the Start menu (or the tiles in Windows 8 or Windows 2012 server) to find and launch the FineConnection License Manager from which you see a screenshot below.
  3. Copy and paste your license key into the input box and press the [Ok] button. You can find your serial number in the e-mail “Your order is complete” that you received after purchase in our store.
  4. Restart the Quantellium service (if applicable).

The FineConnection License Manager

The FineConnection License Manager

Observe that…

  • If a license already exists, the License Manager will display information about its type and validity.
  • If you did a separate Client & Server install on different devices, you should enter your key on both installations!

Key types

There are two different License / Serial types:

  1. A Primary key is the (mandatory) base key. There are S, M and L type keys.
  2. An Upgrade key is used, as the name already suggests, to upgrade an existing license. An upgrade key cannot be used without a base primary key! There are S-to-M, S-to-L and M-to-L upgrade keys.

Both key types are saved as text files (FineLicenseP.txt, FineLicenseU.txt) in the {BaseDataDirectory}\FCMS\ folder. Do not edit the content or change the names of these files!