No access to the web interface

As part of a new installation, Quantellium attempts to open HTTP port 8080 and https port 443 to give you access to the web interface. Both ports are bound to the same listener on the server. This means that if one of the ports is already in use, opening both ports will fail!

In this case, Quantellium opens a random port in the 59001 – 59100 range as a temporary solution to allow you to configure other ports to access the web interface. These ports are only accessible from localhost (logged in on the server), not from outside!

You can find out which random port is used by checking the text file


This file, which is only generated if the intended web interface ports could not be opened, contains a temporary URL like:


Copy/Paste this URL into a web browser on the host, continue with the installation and solve the port problem permanently by adjusting the port bindings of the web interface and possibly the firewall.