Project(s) management

After you have set up your first project, you can manage it from a page within your existing project. Management means in this respect:

  • Set the default project to load after a restart of the server.
  • Create another (new) project.
  • Remove a project.
  • Reload a project.
  • Change the running mode of a project (online or offline).

To open the Project(s) management page:

  1. Log in (into an arbitrary existing Quantellium project) with administrator rights.
  2. Select Administrator | Projects from the main menu at the left.
  3. The Project management page opens (screenshot below).

The row numbers below correspond to the hot spot numbers on the image.

  1. Default project: You can use this setting to select the project that needs to be loaded automatically after the server has been restarted. If there is only one project, it is automatically selected.
  2. Reload the current project: This option has no special meaning. It’s just for convenience (eg to read a new license key).
  3. Running mode: MonitorONE G2 runs by default in online mode (with internet access). However, it can also be used without an internet connection. This is called the offline mode. More information can be found here.