Running processes

From device objects of the host type (Windows / Linux servers), MonitorONE G2 automatically collects the list of active processes via SNMP and you can add a watchdog / monitor per process that alerts when the process is no longer active.

To view the processes list..

  1. Log on into your project with at least Operator rights.
  2. Open the device’s detail page.
  3. Click on the Running processes list link.

The screenshot shows the list of running processes on the Calcium server. By default, the list is sorted by process name, but you can use the radio buttons at the top to set a different sort order.

You can hide or show columns from the list by logging in as Administrator and Selecting Administration | Customizing lists from the main menu at the left.

Process monitoring

The controls in the PMon column can be used to set a watchdog / monitor per process. MoinitorONE G2 generates an anomaly event when it detects that a monitored process is no longer active!

In the example (left screenshot bottom), a monitor has been added for process FC_Quantellium.exe. This process is currently inactive and MonitorONE G2 has generated an anomaly event (screenshot below)!

In addition to alert for inactive processes, MonitorONE G2 also generates an anomaly event if it detects a process that is leaking memory. This way you can detect a performance problem before it actually occurs!