The Userslist

The users-list shows the users that can, depending on their authorization level, access all (or some) of the available web pages. The users-list is only accessible for users with Administration rights. To open the list:

  1. Log on with Administrator rights
  2. Select Administration | Users from the main menu on the left


There are two means to give a user access to the Quantellium web pages:

  1. Based on a Username and Password.
  2. Based on Username, Password and IP address.


By default, Quantellium utilizes the insecure HTTP protocol (over port 8080) by default, meaning that user-names and passwords are transmitted in clear-text. Quantellium supports the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to create a secure connection (HTTPS) between a user’s web browser and SSL-enabled pages.


The row numbers below correspond to the hot spot numbers on the image.

  1. User enabled: Allows you to temporarily enable or disable a user. A disabled user can not log in or receive alert e-mails. Administrators can not be disabled!
  2. User name: The Username is used in the “logged events” files to log user actions. There are no restrictions on the length of the Username but only characters from the limited set are allowed.
  3. Password: If you specify a Username, the Password field cannot be left blank! There are no restrictions on the length of the Username but only characters from the limited set are allowed.
  4. IP address: The 4-byte IP address (in dotted notation) of the PC from which a session is started. This option provides an extra level of security. Host names are not allowed.
  5. eMail address: A user’s email address is used when sending email alerts. The eMail address is optional. Only characters from the limited set are allowed.
  6. Authorization level: {User | Operator | Administrator}. Please, view the separate topic on this page.
  7. Theme color: The theme color has no special meaning. There are currently 3 different theme colors available, Green (default), Blue and Red. Only a user with Administrator rights can set a preferred theme color. A “normal” user (without Administration rights) cannot set his or her own preferred theme color!

Authorization levels

  • User: A “User” has only read access to the Pending– and Events history– lists and the maps.
  • Operator: An “Operator” has access to all pages, maps and lists (except the Administration pages) but cannot make any changes to the system configuration (add classes, devices etc). Users with at least the “Operator” authorization level can acknowledge events. The action of “Acknowledging an event” is logged and visible to all other users through the Events history list.
  • Administrator: An Administrator has access to all pages, maps and lists and can make unlimited changes to a system.

The first user of a project gets Administrator rights by default!