About the search functionality

Quantellium collects and stores all kinds of information from the devices you have added to the maps. The information is used to check devices and proactively warn potential problems.

Other reasons for collecting information are gaining insight into the infrastructure for important functions such as Connection Utilization Coding (CUC), Error Control (EC) and Device Rank (DR).

Entering a basic search term

You can search through this data by entering a search term into the search box at the left side of the page (under the navigation menu) and press enter.

Entering an arbitrary string will return all information in the project that contains that string. E.g. entering the string in my example project returns:

You can use the hyperlinks (blue) to open a device’s dashboard.

Entering another short string cal into the search box of my small project returns:

In this case, search has found results in the Devices and in Maps groups. Clicking on the Calcium hyperlink will open the Calcium dashboard page and clicking on the blue Local hyperlink will open the corresponding map!

Using the + operator

If (and only if) a search term only returns one single result object, adding the + operator in front of the search term will attempt to open..

  1. A device’s dashboard page
  2. A Map
  3. A custom dashboard page

..in the order listed. If I enter pl into my search box, I get:

Search only returns a single device as the result. Of course I can click on the Platinum hyperlink to open the device’s dashboard but I can also enter +pl in the search box by which the Platinum dashboard gets opened right away!

Using the ++ operator

Adding the ++ operator in front of a string will attempt to open the map that contains the device that is uniquely identified by the search term.

The device is highlighted by a colored border around its icon. The ++ operator makes it easy to find a device on a map when a project contains a large number of devices and/or maps. Entering ++pl into the search box of my small project opens the map with the highlighted device (screenshot below). The device will automatically de-select after an average of 10 seconds!