Running online vs offline

A repository is a central place where an aggregation of data is maintained and maintained in an organized way.

FineConnection provides a repository to improve the user experience of MonitorONE G2. The repository contains thousands of (rfc and enterprise-specific) SNMP object identifiers and related data, a standard set of SNMP data collectors and class definitions.

The repository is standard used by all MonitorONE G2 suite applications. This is called the online mode. The repository runs on separate and redundant servers on the internet.

Sometimes, however, there are situations where no internet connection is available, where it is too expensive to always be online or where the connection is not always reliable. In these cases MonitorONE G2 can also be installed and used offline. It is inevitable that in this case not all functionalities are available!

We recommend that you regularly (manually) check whether a new MonitorONE G2 version is available!

Offline installation

To install MonitorONE G2 in offline mode, follow these steps:

  1. Download the MonitorONE G2 software and save it (somehow) on your offline server!
  2. De-install an older version (optional)
  3. Back up your existing project data (optional)
  4. Run the setup file of MonitorONE G2.
  5. Follow the installation questions and select the offline mode in the “online / offline” selection option. (screenshot).

Installing MonitorONE G2 in offline mode

Mode differences

Online Offline
New version available notification Yes No
Number of supported MIB OIDs More than 150.000 8000 in limited local repository
Trap OID translations Extended Limited
Manual Yes, online No
Define new classes possible? Yes Yes

Switching between Offline and online mode

There are two ways to switch between modes:

  1. Within an existing Quantellium project with an option on the Project Management page.
  2. By editing the DefaultSettings.xml configuration file.

Editing the DefaultSettings.xml file

The online/offline mode setting is saved in the file

  1. Open the DefaultSettings.xml file in your default text editor (example below)
  2. Change the runoffline field from true to false  (or vise-versa)
  3. Save the modified file
  4. The new setting will take effect after restarting the applications (Quantellium, CCBuilder etc)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Verifying the running mode

In Quantellium, the online / offline setting can be verified by checking the text in the upper left corner

In CCBuilder, select the Compiler/Status tab at the bottom of the screen.