We value your feedback!

Feature suggestions from customers like you are important to us as we develop new features to make the MonitorONE G2 experience even better!

How do we weigh a request?

  1. It must fit into the user experience of our product.
  2. It must have added value for all users.
  3. Implementation must be reasonably simple.
  4. The implementation time must be limited.

How to submit?

Simply send an email with all your request details to:

ctu [at] fineconnection [dot] com

Provide Information – Detail is essential to a good feature request so provide as much of it as possible. The more clearly you describe the feature and articulate your need, the easier it will be to develop and the more likely it is to be added to a future version of MonitorONE G2.

Some previous requests

Request Date Status Remark
The old Monitor one had a TFTP server on board that we used to upgrade our LAN switches. This new one lacks support for this server. Is there a chance that it will be included in an upcoming version? January 2015 Version 2015.06
I think it would be a welcome function to support the CDP protocol for automatically discovering switch-to-switch links. March 2017 Version 2017.02
We would like to use your product on a site without a live internet connection. Is that possible? December 2017 Version 2018.02
Currently, MonitorOne / Quantellium only propagates status information from a child map to the parent map. It would be nice to have the same behavior for all other types of events! October 2018 Upcoming version 2018.07
I would like to be able to switch off port monitoring for problems or errors via a central switch. This could also apply to the monitoring of memory leaky applications. October 2018 Upcoming version 2018.07