Making sure that Quantellium gets started automatically after a server reboot.

To make sure that an existing Quantellium project gets started automatically in case the server on which it runs on is (re)started, some critical meta data is saved to a file named:


The first thing, the Quantellium service application does after it is started, is to look for the presence of this file. There are two scenarios:

  1. The DefaultProject.xml exists. Quantellium reads the file and loads the project.
  2. No DefaultProject.xml found. Quantellium prepares for a new project, opens port 8080 (http) and port 443 (https) and waits for user input.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
         <bindingentry ip="" port="8080" btype="webserver" ssl="false" enabled="true"></bindingentry>
         <bindingentry ip="" port="162" btype="trapserver" ssl="false" enabled="true"></bindingentry>
         <bindingentry ip="" port="514" btype="syslogserver" ssl="false" enabled="true"></bindingentry>
         <bindingentry ip="" port="69" btype="tftpserver" ssl="false" enabled="true"></bindingentry>
         <bindingentry ip="" port="443" btype="webserver" ssl="true" enabled="true"></bindingentry>

Default web interface ports

The configuration file shows an http web server on port 8080 and its secure https companion on port 443. If you change port numbers also check your server’s firewall settings.

The crtfile and keyfile fields indicate the location of the OpenSSL certificate files. OpenSSL is used for secure access to the Quantellium web interface.

A standard self-signed key pair has already been generated and configured during the installation of MonitorONE G2. You can of course decide to use your own pair. For more info read: securing access with OpenSSL.

Default event listeners

By default, Quantellium opens a Trap listener server on port 162, a Syslog server on port 514 and a TFTP server on 69.

The ssl tags of these servers have no meaning. They can be ignored!

Activate your new settings

Sometimes another service running on the host uses the same port. You can choose to select an alternative port or disable the other service!

Changes to the configuration file will take effect after a restart of the Quantellium service.

Never change the projectname field in this file. It will break your configuration!